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Suttons Seeds have received a 4 star rating for their range of vegetable seeds by Gardening Which? magazine which was featured in last weeks edition of The Times. Which have compared the viability of seeds from lots of UK suppliers

This means you can shop with confidence with Suttons Seeds knowing you'll be getting great value healthy seeds,

garden ready plug plants from 17p each
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- seeds, plug plants, bedding plants, fruit and vegetables and flowers

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Suttons Seeds

Suttons is a long established seed supplier now selling online.They have a huge range of gardening items and the site has a useful month by month guide to what to be doing in the garden. Shop online for seeds at Suttons


They have plenty of help and advice for growing from seed and a guide to what you can plant when. Plenty of great reasons to buy online.

Suttons have been inspiring gardens since 1806. They now offer top quality flower seeds, vegetable seeds, plug plants, bulbs, fruit and gardening equipment, all with the Suttons guarantee of quality

Suttons have been inspiring gardens since 1806. They offer top quality flower seeds, vegetable seeds, plug plants, bulbs, fruit and gardening equipment, all with the Suttons guarantee of quality. Their name has instant recognition and reassurance to gardeners

They have plenty of bedding plants, perennials and seeds for you to pick from. They also have vegetable plants to make life easier for you - and of course they have bulbs!

seeds at Suttons They also have special offers - wirth checking out.

Suttons Seeds and Plants

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Gardenia Kleims Angel's Fishing Rod

Gardenia Kleim's Hardy

At last a gardenia for the garden! Gardenias are normally cutivated as a house plant but Kleim's Hardy will allow you to add the trademark heady perfume of a Gardenia to your garden. White fragrant flowers of a simple star shape are borne on dark green foliage. Flowering in early summer this hardy gardenia will prove to be a superb addition to your beds or even in a patio container.

1 Plant £7.95
Buy 2 get 1 FREE!
3 Plants for ONLY £15.90

1 Potted Plant Code: 222470
3 Potted Plants (2+1FREE) Code: 222478
Last Orders:31st July 2009

A most unusual perennial plant. - Angel's Fishing Rod Collection

Dierama is one of the most unusual of our perennial plants and it is easy to see how this graceful flower got its common name Angel's Fishing Rod. The fine, slender stems produce long arching wands bearing pendulous flowers in colours of white, pink to dark purple. Moving gently with the slightest breeze they create a spectacular sight.

Website Exclusive Offer
3 Plants for ONLY £12.99

3 Potted Plants - 1 each of Dierama Blackbird, Igneum & Erectum
Code: 222464
Last Orders: 31st July 2009

Helleborus Picotee Autumn flowering bulbs

Helleborus Picotee

This exquisite variety of hellebore is a warm lavender pink with superbly contrasting dark purple edges. A welcome sight after the cold and dark days of winter this hellebore will flourish in full or partial shade.

Simply the Best Helleborus
Website Exclusive Offer
3 plants for ONLY £9.95

3 Pot Ready Plants
Helleborus Picotee
Code: 222430
Last Orders: 24th July 2009

Great Value
Save £5.70 on Normal Prices
16 Bulbs for ONLY £12.95 - Autumn Flowering Bulbs Collection

These three varieties of autumn flowering bulbs each have their own merits but all of them bring colour to the garden when many other flowers are fading or gone! Don't miss this great value bulb collection that will bring many years of colour to your autumn gardens.

16 Bulbs - 3 Cyclamen Cilicicum, 3 Colchicum Waterlily & 10 Crocus Kotschyanus
Code: 222438
Last Orders: 24th July 2009

Autumn Bedding Plants Tip bag

Autumn Bedding Bumper Pack

Masses of spring colour for your garden in this fantastic value collection of autumn bedding plants. Collection comprises: Bellis Spring Star, Pansy Frizzle Sizzle and Polyanthus Spring Fever. 390 plants for just 7p each!

Pack of 390 Miniplants (130 of each variety)
Code: 222465
Last Orders: 24th July 2009

Midi Tip Bag

This strong Tip Bag is ideal for home and garden refuse, and recycling. Semi-rigid with webbing handles, it's easy to lift and empty. Plus it's only £2.95, saving you £10.00! Size: 38 cm (15") High x 46 cm (18") Diam.

Midi Tip Bag
Code: 577720
Last Orders: 24th July 2009

Suttons Seeds "222395"
Expires 03/07/2009
Front of Border Collection: 10 Pot Ready Plants - 2 of each Campanula Clips, Aubretia Blue, Doronicum Little Leo, Iberis Snowflake and Gaillardia Arizona Sun - for ONLY £12.95

Suttons Seeds "222410"
Expires 03/07/2009
Back of Border Collection: 10 Pot Ready Plants - 2 of each Digitalis Camelot Mix, Verbena Bonariensis, Hollyhock Chaters Double Mix, Echinacea Purpurea and Kniphofia Flamenco Mix - - for ONLY £12.95

Suttons Seeds "222425"
Expires 03/07/2009 Complete Border Collection: 40 Pot Ready Plants - 1 of each front of border collection, middle border collection, back border collection and climbing collection - for ONLY £29.95

Suttons Seeds "222387"
Expires 03/07/2009 Phygelius Collection: 5 Pot Ready Plants - 1 of each Phygelius Coral, Cream, Orange, Wine & Yellow - £6.95
Suttons Seeds "222380"
Expires 03/07/2009 Phygelius Collection: 10 Pot Ready Plants - 2 of each Phygelius Coral, Cream, Orange, Wine & Yellow - £10.90

Suttons Seeds "222406"
Expires 03/07/2009 Mid Border Collection: 10 Pot Ready Plants - 2 of each Geum Queen of Orange, Lobelia Fan, Aquilegia Winky Mix, Coreopsis Early Sunrise & Achillea Summer Pastels - £12.95

Suttons Seeds "222418"
Expires 03/07/2009 Climbing Collection: 10 Pot Ready Plants - 1 of each Jasmine Officianale, J.Beesianum, J. Humile Revolutum, Lonicera Darts World, L.Japonica Halliana, L.Tellmaniana, Passiflora Caerulea, P.Purple Haze, Solanum Crispin Glasnevin and S. Jasminoides variegate - for ONLY £12.95


Plsu seeds for kids - get the youngster interested in gardening - Seed Squad - a collection of 'wacky' characters who will encourage children's interest in gardening. Since the launch of the Seed Squad the family has grown, testimony to how successful the range has become. The 'Squad' characters all have their own individual personalities and the range of products includes flower and vegetable seed, seed tapes and collection packs.

Flowers - 'Sunny' Sunflower, 'Crazy' Cornflower and 'Carefree' Calendula are just 3 of the 6 flower characters. There is also a flower mixture. All are easy to sow direct outside and easy to grow. Kids can have great fun with Sunny Sunflower seeing just how tall they can get her to grow.

Vegetables - 'Keen' Bean, 'Perky' Pumpkin, 'Curly' Cress and 'Tearaway' Tomato are just a few of the vegetable characters. 'Cool' Carrot and 'Radical' Radish appear in seed tape format. The seed tape is pre-sown with seed - all you have to do is just roll it out!


If you love to grow your own plants from seed then you'll be impressed at the range available from suttons online.

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