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Learning about weeds

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Find out about weeds and learn how to identify them quicker.

The sooner you can identify weed seedlings the sooner you can pull them up.

Some weeds don't need very long before they flower and seed, making the problem worse.

One way of learning about weeds is to fill a plant pot with garden soil and watch it - the weed seeds will grow and you will be able to learn to identify them as they grow - if you make notes or have a good memory then you'll be able to find out what they look like when they're tiny.

You'll also find that some weeds like certain conditions. Buttercups usually indicate a damp soil. As you weed your garden you'll learn about the weeds you have.

Wear gloves for things like brambles and stinging nettles. It really isn't worth the pain of getting blisters or stings or cuts just to avoid putting gloves on.

Carry a container for putting weeds in, don't just leave them on the path. It spills mud and soil about and makes more tidying up. Compost weeds which aren't in seed - don't put any form of dandelions in - as they're so terrible they'll seeds and grow in your compost bin. Burning them is best or send them the tip with your rubbish.

Don't leave weeds on the ground either. It gives them chance to go to seed.

Don't throw loads of garden waste into the bin. The dustbin men don't like heavy bins and you'll annoy them loads filling it with heavy waste. You can usually sort out waste at the tip and they'll have a container for garden waste.

Alternatively you should have your very own compost bin. Recycle it all and it gets turned into fantastic compost which is good for the garden! Composting is excellent for your garden and the environment.


Other hints are to sow seeds you want in straight lines, or make notes about where you put them, then you'll remember not to weed them out!

Also you'll not accidently weed out any self-sown plants you get.

Remember a weed is only a plant in the wrong place!

Knowing what sort of root a weed has will help you weed it out more effectively. Tap root weeds (Like dandelion) need careful removal to avoid leaving the root to regrow. Weeds that use runners to spread also need removing entirely.

Apparently the victorians used to love Rose Bay Willow Herb! This plant is now considered a weed. Budhlea is also often considered a weed but can also be bought in garden centres.

Good pictures of weed seedlings


Weed not poison! Removing the weeds by hand or hoe is better than poisioning your soil! It'll also count towards that huge amount of exercise we're meant to get!



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