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Thompson & Morgan FREE P&P on your order - no minimum spend required! Save yourself up to £6.90. This offer is available now and ends midnight Monday. Buy your autumn planting vegetables, spring flowering bulbs and any perennials or bareroots for autumn despatching.

Gardening Direct

1. Impatien Optima Mix
2. Mystery Ready Plants
3. Begonia Partytime Mix
4. Trailing Begonia Illumination Apricot
5. Petunia Double Fantastic Mix
6. Geranium Mix
7. Fuchsia Lady Boothby St Climbing Fuchsia
8. Geranium Red
9. Lobelia Fountain Mix
10. Trailing Begonia Illumination Mix


garden ready plug plants from 17p each
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- seeds, plug plants, bedding plants, fruit and vegetables and flowers

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Gardening Direct

Gardening Direct

  Gardening Direct 


gardening direct bedding plant offer

Buy first class bedding plants and much more besides from Gardening Direct. One of the leading online suppliers of bedding plants, we can deliver them direct to your door at best value prices. Choose from a wide variety of plants, vegetable seeds and gardening accessories - everything you need for your garden!


Adjustable Metal Pet Feeder
African Daisy
Ageratum Champion Mix
Alan Titchmarsh Umbrella
Alpine Sea Holly Blue Star
Antirrhinum Rainbow Mix
Antirrhinum Tequila Sunrise
Aquatic Plant Food
Aquilegia Swan Collection
Asparagus F Jersey Knight
From £2.25Aster Asteroid Mix
Aster Fan Mix
Aubergine Long Purple
All Round Nut Feeder
All Round Seed Feeder
Ant Rock Bait Station
Aqua Lock Hanging Baskets
Aquatic Plant Food
Baby Leaf Collection
Bacopa Mixed Collection
From £12.98Bamboo
Barrel Nut Feeder
Bean Collection
Beetroot Boltardy
Beetroot Clyindra
Beetroot Crimson King
Beetroot Pronto
Begonia Challenger Two Tone
Begonia Devil Light Pink
Begonia Devil Red
Begonia Partytime Mix
Begonia Pin Up Flame
Begonia Stara Pink
Begonia Stara White
Begonia Sunset Mix
Begonia Super White
Berry Treat
Berry Treat Pellets
Bird Feeder Pin
Black Sunflower Seed
From £1.90Boot & Glove Drier
From £18.89Brick Effect Edging
Briquette Maker
Broad Bean Masterpiece Green
Broccoli Purple Sprouting
Brussel Sprouts Darkmar
Brussel Sprouts Maximus
Brussel Sprouts Maximus
Brussels Sprouts Evesham Speci
Bubble Gen
Buddleja Black Knight
Bulb Planter
Buxus Sempervirens Figurines Bear
Bypass Secateur
From £16.79Badger
Banquet Hall And Rnd Sanctuary
From £26.90Bath & Shower Water Saver
From £39.00Beech Wall Thermometer
Berry Treat Pellets
Bird Pot Plant Waterer
Black/Green Duck
Blue Colorado Spruce
Blue Hydrangea
Bulb Planter
Bush Rose Betty Uprichard
Busy Lizzie Ball
Detailscabbage January King
Cabbage Kilaton
Cabbage Primo
Cabbage Winnigstadt
Caged Seed Feeder
Caged Treat Ball Feeder
From £17.65Caged Treat Basket
From £13.95Caged Worm Feeder
From £18.25Calabrese F Marathon
Calceolaria Sunset Mix
Calendula Fiesta Mix
Candle Making Kit
Carnation Dwarf Mix
Carrot Autumn King
Carrot Early Nantes
Carrot Mixed
Carrot Sugarsnax
Cat Cradle
Cat Play & Rest Nest
From £14.89Cat Repeller Mains Adaptor
Cat Travel Bed
Cats In Waiting Pvc Apron
Cats In Waiting T Towel
Cauliflower Dominant
Cauliflower Green Tevi
From £1.89Cauliflower Igloo
Celosia Century Mixed
Cherry Treat
Chicory & Radicchio Collection
China Town
Chip Garden Ornament
Chocolate Hamper - Classic
Chocolate Hamper - Luxury
Cineraria Silver Dust
Cleome Sparkler Mix
Climbing French Bean Blue Lake
Climbing Rose Elfe
Climbing Rose Pink
Climbing Rose White
Climbing Rose Yellow
Cloudy Water Treatment
Coach Light Lantern
From £54.99Coconut Treat
From £1.50Coleus Wine And Black Drag
Compact Pocket Knife
Complete Weeding Set
From £17.89Compost Bin
Cordless Rechargable Table Lamp
From £39.99Cosmic Arrangement
Cosmos Sonata Mix
Courgette Defender
Courgette F1 Defender
Courgette Floridor F1
Courgette Jemmer
Courgette Zucchini
Cross Stitch Lavender Fairy
Cross Stitch Zinnia Fairy
Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green
From £1.29Cucumber Diana
Cucumber La Diva
Cucumber Passandra F1
Cucumber Telegraph Improved
From £1.19Cuddle Pal Puppy
Cupid'S Umbrella
From £16.75Campsis Radicans
Cast Alluminium Potting Trowel
Cat Pot Feet (Set Of 3)
Cat Repeller
Cedar Wood Classic Box 26 Hole
From £21.95Cedar Wood House Sparrow Box
Cedar Wood Modern Bird House
Ceramic Odourless Compost Crock
Chinese Fountain Grass
Circle Hoe
Classic 2-In1 Feeder
Classic Pruning Knife
Clematis Collection
From £20.95Clematis Florida Sieboldii
From £10.50Clematis Piilu
Climbing Rose Dual Spanish Fla
From £6.75Climbing Rose Dual Sundown
Clipper Box
Cloudy Water Treatment
Coil Hose
Colorado Spruce Lucky Strike
Columnar Apple Ballerina Flamingo
Complete Growing On Kit
Complete Hanging Basket & Watering System
Cordless Pir Animal Chaser
Cradle Planter With Liner
Detailsdahlia Dahlietta Becky
Dahlia Gallery Collection
From £12.98Dahlia Pompom
Decorative Owl Clock& Therm
Delphinium Mix
Diamond Tool Sharpener
Dianthus Corona Cherry Mag
Dianthus Plum Sweetness
Dig For Victory Vegetable Pack
Dog Travel Bed
Dog Xmas Pudding - Pack Of 2
Doggy Cradle
Double Impatiens Fairground
Double Petunia Patriot Mix
Double Petunia Rose Sparkler
Double-Sided Clock
Dried Wax Worms (1 Tub)
From £5.55Dwarf Antirrhinum Hot Mix
Dwarf Bean Collection
Dwarf French Bean Annabel
Dwarf French Bean Cropper Teep
Dwarf French Bean Tender Green
Deluxe Bush Rose Dame De Coeur
Droll Yankees A6 Mini Feeder
Dual Apple
Dual Pear
From £13.95Dwarf Apple Red Delicious
Dwarf Apricot
Dwarf Peach Bonanza
Dwarf Pear
Dwarf Plum
Detailseasy Arch
Easy Path
Easy Poly Tunnel
Easy Stitch Bag And Purse
Echinacea Primadonna
Echinops Ritro Veitchs Blue
Electronic Pet Trainer
Elvis Collection Gift Set
Ena Harkness
English Garden Cherub
English Rose Gift Hamper
Eucalyptus Gunni
Easy Obelisk
Electronic Water Timer
From £39.00Extra Large 2-In-1 Feeder
Fairy Light Garden Ornament
Feedsafe Treat Feeder
Festive Fireplace Ornament
Flat Bar Trough
Flat Bottom Rattan Basket
Flatpack Water Butt
From £49.00Flower Pressing Kit
Flowering Cascade
Foldable Wooden Dog Ramp
Folding Pocket Secateurs
Folding Wheelbarrow
French Marigold Durango Bee
Frost Gard
Fruit & Nut Treat
Fruit Treat Pellets
Fuchsia Basket
Fuchsia Blacky
Fuchsia Diva Red And White
Fuchsia Giant Flowering
From £18.98Funky Fish Mini Aquarium
Flat Hose
Fleece Jackets
Flexi Garden Hose Saver
Flower Fountain
Flower Wrap
Flowerpot Chimes
Flowerpot Man
Folding Pruning Saw
Fr Marigold Durango Red
Fragrant Lavender Munstead
Fruit Treat Pellets
Gabbage Greyhound
Gaillardia Arizona Sun
Garden Angel Hangin Chalkboard
Garden Barrow
Garden Kneeler/Seat
Garden Maypole Plant Support
Garden Quoits
Garden Scoop
Garden Skittles
From £39.99Gardeners Holdall
Gardeners Radio
Gardeners Wet Weather Kit
Gas Level Indicator
Gazania Cranberry Sorbet
Gazania Frosty Kiss
Gazania Kiss Bronze Star
Gazania Sunrise Mix
Gazania Tiger Stripe Mix
Gazania Vanilla Ice
Geranium Angel Mix
Geranium Appleblossom Rosebud
Geranium Atlantic Burgundy
Geranium Cascading Red
Geranium Horizon Blossom
Geranium Maverick Lavender
Geranium Maverick Star
Geranium Reflection Mix
Geranium Reflection Red
Geranium Salmon Mix
Giant Chess
Giant Dominoes
Giant Draughts
From £20.49Giant Pumpkin - Mini Fun Pack
Giant Treat Ball Feeder
From £2.55Gift Voucher
From £5.00Globe Seed Feeder
Goo Rubber And Slime
Granny Bishop'S Vegetarian Trt
From £1.25Green Small Steel Planter
Green Um Tablets
Green Veg Collection
Greenhouse Collection
Grow Your Own Herbs - Gift Basket
Grow-Bag Can Frame Triple Pack
Growing Tray
Growing Tray Set
Guardian Angel
Gypsohila White
Garden Barrow
Garden Solar Candle
Gardeners Holdall
Giant Blueberries Vaccinium
Giant Feedsafe Feeder
Hanging Basket Collection
Happy Cat Kit
Heated Dog Bed
From £39.99Hedgehog House
From £43.25Helichrysum Chico Mix
Herb Collection Traditional
Herb Collection Unusual
Hosta Night Before Christmas
Hosta Shade Fanfare
Hosta Sieboldiana
Hybrid Tea Rose Collection
Hydrangea French Hortensia
Hand Trowel Soft Pink
Hand Trowel Stainless Steel
Hanging Basket Bracket
Hanging Cones Small Set Of 2
Heated Bodywarmer
Heated Gloves
From £16.79Heavy Duty Growbag Waterers
Hedgehog Mum And 2 Babys
Hedging Rose Nina Weibull
Herb Markers
Hex Herb Pot
Honeysuckle Goldflame
Hosta Hybrid Elegans
From £10.75Detailsimpatiens Cancun Mix
From £10.99 Impatiens Circus Surprise
Impatiens Designer Tutu Mix
Impatiens Expo Blitz Mix
Impatiens Expo Regency Mix
Impatiens Fireball Mix
Impatiens New Guinea Deep Red
From £12.98Impatiens Optima Mix
Impatiens Petticoat Mix
Impatiens Purple Melody
Impatiens Stardust Mix
Impatiens Sweetheart Mix
Impatiens Swirl Mix
Insect Treat
Insect Treat Pellets
Instant Dog Drinker
Ionic Pet Brush
Italian Salad Leaves Collectio
Ivy Geranium Happy Face Mix
Imp Ng Celebration Deep Red
Impatiens Celebration Deep Red
Impatiens, Celebrette Light Coral
Imps Ng Celebrette Lgt Coral
Insect Eliminator With Fan
Insect Treat Pellets
Detailsjames Last -The Whole Night Long - Cd
Jersey Hamper
Jet Washer
Japanese Blood Grass Red Baron
Japanese Maple 'Dissectum
Japanese Maple Dissectum Garne
Japanese Maple Rising Sun
Jumbo Blackberry Thornfree
Just Vine Weevil Killer Kingsize Trailing Strawberry
Korean Fir Abies Koreana Large Spiral Feeder
Lavender Collection
Lawn Aerator Sandals
Lawn Scarifier
Lawn Strimpal
Leaf Beat Bulls Blood
Leaf Beet Perpetual Spinach
Leaf Beet Rhubarb Chard
Leek Giant Winter
Leek Musselburgh
Leek Prizetaker
Lettuce All Year Round
Lettuce Collection
Lettuce Green Salad Bowl
Lettuce Little Gem
Lettuce Lobjoits Green
Lettuce Marvel Of Four Seasons
Lettuce Mixed
Lettuce Webbs Wonderful
Leucocoryne Mixed
Light House
Little Pal Garden Activity Kit
Lobelia Fountain Crimson
Lobelia Fountain Mix
Lobelia Fountain Summer Skies
Lobelia Lilac Fountain
Lobelia Royal Blue
Lobelia White Lady
Large Growpot
Large Rose Waltz Time
Large-Flowered Roses D Jubilee
Large-Flowered Roses Orange
Large-Flowered Roses Wh Sym
Lavender Loddon Pink
Lawn Edger
Leather Holster
Life-Sized Wellie Planters
Lighthouse Solar
Lily Floating Fountain
Lion Head Fountain
Long-Handled Shears Magic Globe
Magnolia Soulangeana
Marguerites White
Marigold African Marvel Mix
Marigold French Mix
Marigold Vanilla
Mercadonia Early Yellow
Merlins Magic Set
Million Bells Blue
Million Bells Cherry
Million Bells Collection
Million Bells Crackling Fire
Million Bells Lemon
Mimulus Little Gem
Mini Raised Bed & Suport Frame
Mini Shears
Mini Thistle Feeder
Mini Veg Collection
Mouse Mitt
Multi Solar Light - Pack
Music Legends Boxed Cd Set
Mains Adaptor
Maxi Table
Meripac Window Feeder
Mesh Ground Table
Mini Thistle Feeders Pack Of 3
Mini Wellie Planters
Mock Orange
Mole Repeller
Multi Function Tool
Multi Sharpener
Multi-Solar Lights
Multifeeder Plus
Narcissi Tete A Tete In Painted Metal Planter
Naturals Bathing Gift Hamper
Nemesia Nebula Mix
New Baby Hamper
New Generation Nut Feeder
Nicotiana Cutflower Mix
Nicotiana Perfume Mix
Nicotiana Saratoga Lime
Nicotiana Saratoga White
Niger Seed
Noble Clover
Natural Coco Liner
New Generation Seed Feeder
Nut Feeder And Water Bowl
Odour Free Compost Caddy
Omega Cat Treats
Omega Dog Treats
Onion Bedfordshire Champion
Orange Parfume
Orka Dog Toys
Ornamental Garden Tool Belt
Outdoor Weather Station
Outdoor Metal Thermometer
Pac-A-Way Dog Raincoat
Paint By Numbers Kit Labrador
Paint By Numbers Kit - Horse
Paint By Numbers Kit - Kitten
Paint Your Own Gnome
Pansy Bolero
Pansy Cats Mix
Pansy Designer Magnum Mix
Pansy Paintbox
Pansy Samba
Parsley Extra Triple Curled
Parsley Plain
Parsnip Tender And True
Parsnip White King
Patio Begonia Pink Halo
Patio Begonia Sunset Shades
Patio Garden Set
Pea Early Onward
Pea Greenshaft
Pea Onward
Pea Waverex (Petit Pois)
Peanut Nibs
Peanut Treat Pellets
Pepper Chilli
Pepper Chilli Long Slim
Pepper Sweet Spanish Mix
Pepper Sweet Spanish Mixed
Pepper Treat
Perry Como - Christmas Album
Pet Drinking Fountain
Pet Ioniser
Petunia Bella Pure White
Petunia Bella Star Blue & White
Petunia Bella True Rose
Petunia Bicolour Violet White
Petunia Donna Picotee Blue
Petunia Donna Star Mix
Petunia Double Fantastic
Petunia Frenzy Britannia Mix
Petunia Frenzy Red Frost
Petunia Horizon Mix
Petunia Ice Mix
Petunia Knickerbocker Glory
Petunia Ocean Waves
Petunia Orchid Mist
Petunia Picotee Velvet
Petunia Summer Charms
Petunia Sunlight Mix
Petunia Tumbelina Cherry Ripple
Petunia Tumbelina Priscilla
Petunia Vein Harmony
Pink Miniature Rose
Pizza For Dogs
Plant Markers And Twine Set
Planter Box
Pocket Snips
Pop Up Book Light
Pop Up Garden Tidy
Poppy Stationary Writing Set
Portable Shredder
Pot Pal
Pot Pouri Christmas Decorations
Pot Pouri Christmas Tree
Pot Pouri Hamper
Pot Trolley
Potting Scoop
Premium Peanuts
Puzzle Roll
Pack Of 3 Coconut Treats
Pampas Grass
Patio Nectarine
Peanut Treat Pellets
Pedestal Bird Bath
Picket Fence
Pink Hydrangea
Pink Pocket Pruner
Pink Tool Collection -Fork And Trowel
Plant Feed Pack
Policeman Solar
Pond And Plants Protection Net
Pond Gloves
Pond Test Kit
Pond Vac
Pop Up Garden Tidy
Pop-Up Food Cover
Pot Holder
Pot Trolley
Premium Sunflower Hearts
Premium Sunflower Hearts 4Kg
Pruning Knife
Rabbit Family (Mum And 2 Babys)
Racquet Bug Zappa
Radish French Breakfast
Radish Mixed
Rag Doll Princess
Raisin Treat
Rhododendron Sappho
Rhubarb Glaskins Perpetual
Rocket Salad
Root Veg Collection
Roto Basket
Rudbeckia Autumn Colours
Runner Bean Butler
Runner Bean Enorma
Runner Bean Hestia
Runner Bean Red Knight
Runner Bean Streamline
Runner Bean Training Kit
Runner Bean White Emergo
Rustle Tunnel Cat Nip
Rachet Pruner
Racquet Bug Zappa
Rain Mat
Rain-Gel Crystals
Red Hydrangea
Repeller Ribbon
Rolling Lawn Aerator
Rosa Tricolor
Rose Nostalgie
Rotating Handle Bypass Secateu
Round Tine Fork - Brown Box
Runner Bean Enorma"
Rustic Hanging Basket Kit
Salad Leaf Collection
Salvia Blue Ribbon
Salvia Sangria
Salvia Scarlet
Salvia Vista Mix
Scented Rose Collection
Sculpy Bake And Bend Clay
Sculpy Butterflies
Send A Smile Cards
Slug Barrier Copper Tape
Slug Natural Born Killers
Small Seed Tray Black
Small Spiral Feeder
Solar Lights Aurora
Special Offer! Armida & Mousha Roses
Spring Onion White Lisbon
Squash Butternut
Squash Metro F
Squash Tom Fox
Squeeze Blaster
Squirrel Feeder
Standard Rose Goldelse
Stocks Cinderella Mix
Stone Effect Edging
Sun Catchers
Sunflower Heart Treat
Surfinia Blue
Surfinia Burgundy
Surfinia Collection
Surfinia Hot Pink
Surfinia Red
Surfinia Vanilla
Swede Marian
Sweet Corn F1 Early Extra Sweet
Sweet Corn F1 Tuxedo
Sweet Pea Training Kit
Season Collection (27Plants)
Seed Feeder And Water Bowl
Shed Light
Sisa Moss
Slug Trap (Pack Of 3)
Slug X Slug Trap
Snail And Tortoise
Sow N' Grow Propogator With Peat Pockets
Spare Growhouse Cover
Spiral Tricolour Hibiscus
Stainless Steel Widger
Standard Japanese Azalea
Standard Lilac Syringa Syringa
Standard Peanuts 4Kg
Standard Rose 'Armida'
Standard Rose Mousha
Summer Evening Range
Swivel Hooks Table With Perches
Terracotta Clock & Thermometer
Terracotta Pig Lantern
Terracotta Planter Strawberry/ Lavender
Tier Wheel Planter
Tomato Ailsa Craig
Tomato Amateur
Tomato Bambino F
Tomato Big Boy F
Tomato F Sweet Million
Tomato Gardeners Delight
Tomato Gardeners Delight
Tomato Gartenperle
Tomato Golden Sunrise
Tomato Moneymaker
Tomato Moneymaker
Tomato Sun Baby
Trailing Begonia Illumination Apricot
Trailing Begonia Illumination Mix
Trailing Begonia Illumination Rose
Trailing Begonia Illumination White
Trailing Petunia Sunray
Treat Ball Feeder
Treat Balls 6-Pack
Turnip Snowball
Tap Jacket
Terracotta Clock
Terracotta Clock And Thermometer
Terracotta Thermometer
The Fragrant Hedge
Topiary & Trimming Shear
Topiary & Trimming Shear Small
Trailing Rose Gemma/Planter
Triple Feeder + 6 Treat Balls
Twine In A Tin Pink Ultiva Treat
Ulitva Softbill Mix
Ulitva Softbill Mix 4Kg
Ultiva 4Kg
Ultiva Spring And Sum Mix 4Kg
Ultiva Spring And Summer Mix
Ultiva Softbill Pellets 550G
Ultva Feeder Mix
Ultva Feeder Mix 12.5Kg
Ultva Feeder Mix 4Kg
Verbena Aztec Cherry Magic
Verbena Polka
Verbena Quartz Merlot Mix
Verbena Quartz Patriot Mix
Verbena Quartz Waterfall Mix
Viburnum Opulus Roseum On Stem
Wall Tower
Water Spike With Dipper And Flask
Watering Can Duck
Watering Can Pig
Weary Gardeners Relax Gift Set
Weed Controller Flat Pack
Weed Wizard
Wireless Thermometer
Wirelesss Weather Station
Wooden Game - Cribbage
Wooden Game - Shut The Box
Worm Feeder
Worm Starter Pack
Wall Cone & Bracket
Wall Hand Bird Feeder
Wall Hand Bird Feeder And Waterer
Water Feature Clear
Watering Lance
Weather Vane Spinners
Weed Controller Flat Pack
Weed Wizard
Widger Dibber And Label Set
Wild Virginia Creeper Zinnia Eldorado Mix
Zip Zap Spraye

Hardware and Pet Range

Perennial Plants, Bulbs, Roses

Special Offers

Bedding Plants

Christmas Gifts

Established Plants

Garden Bird

Geraniums and Summer Bedding


Vegetable Seeds and Plants



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