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Feeding wild birds

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Different types of bird feeder

Multi Feeders
New to our range, Multi Feeders give you the chance to feed both nuts and seeds at the same time and in the same place. If you have a small feeding space, Multi Feeders will attract a wider range of birds than a single seed of nut feeder.

Nut Feeders
A proper nut feeder is the ONLY safe way to feed whole peanuts: if you feed them loose, there is a danger of baby birds choking on them. All our nut feeders have mesh gaps small enough to stop birds pulling whole nuts out, but large enough for them not to damage their beaks

Seed Feeders
Weather-resistant and hygienic, seed feeders keep food fresh for long periods and, because they take a wide variety of foods, attract lots of different birds. They are perfect for smaller species, like tits and finches, whilst ground-feeders, such as blackbirds and thrushes, will quickly clear up any 'fall-out'!

Squirrel Resistant Feeders
Our range of squirrel resistant feeders have strong metal constructions which resist squirrel damage. The perfect way to stop squirrels eating your bird food.

A well-stocked bird table will quickly become the focal point of your bird feeding. Any food except whole peanuts can be offered on a table and every bird will be happy to feed from it - or from the bits which fall to the ground below

Thistle Feeders
It is important to use a specialist thistle seed feeder because Niger Seed is much smaller than regular wild bird seed and these types of feeders have smaller ports to allow the fine seed through. Niger seed is very popular with Goldfinches and by putting out a Thistle feeder you are sure to attract these delightful birds into your garden all year round. You'll also be helping their chance of breeding success. (You can also grow a patch of thistles in your garden for goldfinches to strip out the seeds from!)


They also have bird baths, accessories and other products for the birds like nest boxes. Enjoy your garden and encourage the birds in!


Feed the birds with Garden Bird

gardenbird for bird food

Garden Bird

Garden Bird 

Reasons to have a bird table. In winter birds need help feeding, especially in cold weather - don't forget to put out water and ensure it's free of ice on cold days.

Same day despatch on food orders received by 11am.
FREE Garden Birds Feeding Guide - free for everyone!


Time to feed the birds

Fats and Food Blocks
Fats and food blocks are an ideal food loved by the birds, packed with energy and convenient to feed and you wont find a bigger selection anywhere!

2 X Insect Treat Cake £16.95
2 X Peanut Butter Treat Cake £10.95
2 X Raisin & Nut Treat Cake £11.95
2 X Seed Treat Cake £9.95
3 Suet To Go - Berry £14.95
3 Suet To Go - Fruit £14.95
3 Suet To Go - Insect £14.95
Berry Treat
EX36 5-Pack Berry Treat £10.00
EX76 10 Berry Treat Blks £18.95
Berry Treat Pellets
NS05 550g Pouch Berry Treat Pellets £2.25
NS30 3kg Berry Treat Pellets £11.95
MJ99 500g Bogena £3.95
MJ02 2kg Bogena £9.95
Caged Treat Ball Feeder £17.65
Caged Treat Basket £13.95
Cherry Treat 5-pack
EX29 Cherry Treat 5-Pack £10.00
EX73 10 Cherry Treat Blks £18.95
Coconut Treat Value Packs
EX47 Coconut Treat Value 3-Pack £4.95
NV10 10 Coconut Treats £14.85
Fat Ball Value Packs
MH40 40-Value Pack Treat Balls £10.95
MH01 100 Fat Balls £19.95
Feast Cake £5.95
Feast Wheel £13.95
Feedsafe Treat Feeder £18.95
Fruit Treat Pellets £11.95
Fruit And Nut Treat Block Value Packs
EX35 5-Pack Fruit and Nut Treat £10.00
EX72 10 Fruit and Nut Treat Blks £18.95
Granny Bishops Bird Table £7.95
Insect Treat Pellets £11.95
Log Fat Feeder 2 Pack £6.99
Large Spiral Feeder + 6 Treat Balls £7.95
Pack Of 5 Granny Bishop's Vegetarian Treats £6.95
Peanut Treat Pellets
NT05 550g Pouch Peanut Treat Pellets £2.25
NT30 3kg Tub Peanut Treat Pellets £11.95
EX30 5-Pack Peck-A-Treat Treat £10.00
EX75 10 Peck A Treat Blks £18.95
Pepper Treat
EX39 5-Pack Pepper Treat £11.00
EX74 10 Pepper Treat Blks £19.85
Small Spiral Feeder + 6 Treat Balls £6.95
Suet Coated Peanuts
NP01 Suet Coated Peanuts - £3.75
EX90 2kg Suet Coated Peanuts £11.95
Suet Coated Sunflower Hearts
NM01 Suet Coated Sunflower Hearts £3.95
EX91 2kg Suet Coated Sunflower Hearts £12.50
Sunflower Heart Treat Block Value Packs
EX40 5-Pack Sunflower Heart Treat £10.00
EX77 10 S/Flwr Heart Treat Blks £18.95
Treat Ball Feeder
CC95 Treat Ball Feeder £2.35
RH01 Treat Ball Feeder + 6 Trt Ball £9.95
Treat Blocks & Basket Packs
RG02 2 Berry Trt Blk + Feeder £5.45
RG01 2 FrandNut Trt Blk + Feeder £5.45
Treat Cake Hanging Basket Feeder £6.95
Ultiva Softbill Pellets
RE01 550g Ultiva Softbill Pellets £2.95
RF02 3kg Ultiva Softbill Pellets £11.95
Ultiva Suet Pellets
RC01 550g Ultiva Suet Pellets £2.95
RD02 3 kg Ultiva Suet Pellets £11.95
Ultiva Treat 5-pack
EX57 Ultiva Treat 5-Pack £11.40
EX58 Ultiva Softbill Treat 5-Pk £11.80
Up And Under Feeder £13.20

Food Mixes
A huge selection of foods designed for every type of garden bird and every season of the year, including our acclaimed high-energy, no-mess Ultiva range. Infact this range has proved so popular we've developed a whole new selection, which your garden birds are sure to love.

4 Season Bird Feeder Mix
AC02 2kg 4 Season Bird Feeder Mix £5.95
AC04 4kg 4 Season Bird Feeder Mix £8.50
AC12 12.75kg 4 Season Bird Feeder Mix £18.95
AC25 25kg 4 Season Bird Feeder Mix £32.25
AC50 50kg 4 Season Bird Feeder Mix £59.95
4 Season Table And Ground Bird Mix
AB02 2kg 4 Season Table and ground Bird Mix £5.45
AB04 4kg 4 Season Table And ground Bird Mix £6.95
AB12 12.75kg 4 Seson Table And Bird ground Mix £14.95
AB25 25kg 4 Season Table And ground BirdMix £24.40
AB50 50kg 4 Season Table And ground Bird Mix £44.70
MJ99 500g Bogena £3.95
MJ02 2kg Bogena £9.95
Droll Yankees Seed Scoop £6.95
Duck And Swan Food £9.95
Softbill Bird Mix
AF02 2kg Softbill Bird Mix £5.95
AF04 4kg Softbill Bird Mix £7.95
AF12 12.75kg Softbill Bird Mix £17.95
AF25 25kg Softbill Bird Mix £30.95
AF50 50kg Softbill Bird Mix £59.95
Spring And Summer Bird Mix
AE02 2kg Spring And Summer Bird Mix £5.95
AE04 4kg Spring And Summer Bird Mix £7.95
AE12 12.5kg Spring And Summer Bird Mix £17.95
AE25 25kg Spring And Summer Bird Mix £29.95
AE50 50kg Spring And Summer Bird Mix £57.65
AL02 2kg Ultiva £6.45
AL04 4kg Ultiva £9.45
AL12 12.75kg Ultiva £22.95
AL25 25kg Ultiva £43.95
AL50 50kg Ultiva £85.95
Ultiva Aniseed Mix
AX02 2kg Ultiva Aniseed Mix £6.95
AX04 4kg Ultiva Aniseed Mix £9.95
AX12 12.75kg Ultiva Aniseed Mix £24.95
AX25 25kg Ultiva Aniseed Mix £49.95
AX50 50kg Ultiva Aniseed Mix £89.95
Ultiva Feeder Mix
AM02 2kg Ultiva Feeder Mix £6.95
AM04 4kg Ultiva Feeder Mix £9.95
AM12 12.75kg Ultiva Feeder Mix £26.95
AM25 25kg Ultiva Feeder Mix £50.95
AM50 50kg Ultiva Feeder Mix £99.95
Ultiva Fledgling Mix
AZ02 2kg Ultiva Fledgling Mix £7.95
AZ04 4kg Ultiva Fledgling Mix £11.95
AZ12 12.5kg Ultiva Fledgling Mix £22.48
AZ25 25kg Ultiva Fledgling Mix £52.30
AZ50 50kg Ultiva Fledgling Mix £99.95
Ultiva High Protein Mix
AQ02 2kg High Protein Mix £7.95
AQ04 4kg High Protein Mix £11.45
AQ12 12.75kg High Protein Mix Mix £26.45
AQ25 25kg High Protein Mix £52.30
AQ50 50kg High Protein Mix £99.95
Ultiva Softbill Mix
AR02 2kg Ultiva Softbill Mix £6.95
AR04 4kg Ultiva Softbill Mix £10.95
AR12 12.75kg Ultiva Softbill Mix £26.45
AR25 25kg Ultiva Softbill Mix £52.30
AR50 50kg Ultiva Softbill Mix £99.95
Ultiva Spring And Summer Mix
AS02 2kg Ultiva Spring and Summer Mix £6.45
AS04 4kg Ultiva Spring and Summer Mix £9.65
AS12 12.5kg Ultiva Spring and Summer Mix £24.45
AS25 25kg Ultiva Spring and Summer Mix £46.45
AS50 50kg Ultiva Spring and Summer Mix £89.95
Ultiva Ultimate Softbill Suet Mix
AV02 2kg Ultiva Softbill Suet Mix £7.25
AV04 4kg Ultiva Softbill Suet Mix £10.95
AV12 12.75kg Ultiva Softbill Suet Mix £26.95
AV25 25kg Ultiva Softbill Suet Mix £52.30
AV50 50kg Ultiva Softbill Suet Mix £99.95
Ultiva Ultimate Suet Mix
AU02 2kg Ultiva Ultimate Suet Mix £6.95
AU04 4kg Ultiva Ultimate Suet Mix £10.95
AU12 12.5kg Ultiva Ultimate Suet Mix £24.95
AU25 25kg Ultiva Ultimate Suet Mix £52.30
AU50 50kg Ultiva Ultimate Suet Mix £99.95
Ultiva Wild Berry Mix
AW02 2kg Ultiva Wild Berry Mix £6.95
AW04 4kg Ultiva Wild Berry Mix £10.45
AW12 12.5kg Ultiva Wild Berry Mix £24.95
AW25 25kg Ultiva Wild Berry Mix £47.95
AW50 50kg Ultiva Wild Berry Mix £89.95

Live foods
We all know birds love worms and here you can choose from mealworms and wax worms, delivered fresh and wriggling to your door or dried for the more squeamish!

Caged Worm Feeder £18.25

Dried Mealworms
NY01 100g Dried Mealworms £6.95
EX48 200g Dried Mealworms £12.95

Mealworm Food
BV25 250g Worm Food £2.00
BV90 900g Worm Food £5.10

BF03 3 x 40 grm Tubs Of Mealworms £5.95
BF06 6 x 40grm Tubs Of Mealworms £9.95
BF91 450g Bag Mealworms £12.95
BF92 900g Bag Mealworms £22.95

Mini Mealworms
BZ03 3 X 40g Mini Meal Worm £6.95
BZ06 6 X 40g Mini Meal Worm £10.95
BZ45 450g Mini Meal Worms £14.95
BZ90 900g Mini Meal Worms £23.95

Worm Feeder £4.95

Worm Starter Pack - Special Offer! £8.95

Straight Foods
Just as they come, everything for your garden visitors including sunflower seed hearts, niger seed and two grades of peanut both safety-tested in the UK for nil aflatoxin

Black Sunflower Seeds
AD02 2kg Black Sunflower Seeds £4.45
AD04 4kg Black Sunflower Seed £6.95
AD12 12.5kg Black Sunflower Seed £14.95
AD25 25kg Black Sunflower Seed £24.35
AD50 50kg Black Sunflower Seed £47.70

Niger Seed Thistle
AJ02 2kg Niger Seed Thistle £4.95
AJ04 4kg Niger Seed (Thistle) £7.95
AJ12 12.75kg Niger Seed (Thistle) £20.95
AJ25 25kg Niger Seed (Thistle) £40.95
AJ50 50kg Niger Seed (Thistle) £78.95

Peanut Granules
BA02 2kg Peanut granules £5.95
BA04 4kg Peanut granules £8.95
BA12 12.5kg Peanut granules £19.95
BA25 25kg Peanut granules £34.95
BA50 50kg Peanut granules £64.95

Premium Sunflower Seed Hearts
AG02 2kg Premium Sunflower Seed Hearts £5.95
AG04 4kg Premium Sunflower Seed Hearts £9.95
AG12 12.75kg Premium Sunflower Seed Hearts £24.95
AG25 25kg Premium Sunflower Seed Hearts £49.95
AG50 50kg Premium Sunflower Seed Hearts £97.95

Value Sunflower Seed Hearts
AT02 2kg Value Sunflower Seed Hearts £4.95
AT04 4kg Value Sunflower Seed Hearts £7.95
AT12 12.5kg Value Sunflower Seed Hearts £21.00
AT25 25kg Value Sunflower Seed Hearts £37.50
AT50 50kg Value Sunflower Seed Hearts £72.85

Standard Peanuts
AA02 2kg Standard Peanuts £5.45
AA04 4kg Standard Peanuts £7.95
AA12 12.75kg Standard Peanuts £18.55
AA25 25kg Standard Peanuts £31.95
AA50 50kg Standard Peanuts £61.85

Premium Peanuts
AP02 2kg Premium Peanuts £5.95
AP04 4kg Premium Peanuts £8.95
AP12 12.75kg Premium Peanuts £21.95
AP25 25kg Premium Peanuts £35.95
AP50 50kg Premium Peanuts £69.95

Naked Rolled Oats
LA02 2kg Naked Rolled Oats £3.95
LA04 4kg Naked Rolled Oats £5.50

Pinhead Oats
LB02 2kg Pinhead Oats £3.95
LB04 4kg Pinhead Oats £5.50

Flaked Maize
LD02 2kg Flaked Maize £2.95
LD04 4kg Flaked Maize £4.60

Kibbled Maize
LE02 2kg Kibbled Maize £2.95
LE04 4kg Kibbled Maize £4.60

LG02 2kg Millet £2.95
LG04 4kg Millet £4.60

Hemp Seed
LF02 2kg Hemp Seed £5.95
LF04 4kg Hemp Seed £8.25

High-protein Indigo Wheat
NC02 2kg High-Protein Indigo Wheat £2.95
NC04 4kg High-Protein Indigo Wheat £4.50

LJ02 2kg Wheat £2.95
LJ04 4kg Wheat £4.25

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